Sudden Emergency

Emergency Costs

Life can be unpredictable. AAR is there when you need us most.  Don’t stress over sudden car repairs or medical bills, talk to us.

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Contact us at the AAR Mortgage office or submit a business inquiry online.

Chinmay and Kinjal are awesome. They understood my situation and helped me get the best interest rate possible. Chinmay answered all my questions and concerns and explained everything thoroughly. I didn’t expect that my loan will be approved. Chinmay was prompt to respond to my emails as well.

Jatin C
Loyal Customer

Vehicle repairs can come at the worst time and are often expensive from parts to labor. It’s not always easy to plan for things to go wrong with your vehicle, but if it does, we’re here. 

Medical or Health Bills

Have you been met with some high hospital bills for treatments, procedures, or medication during an unexpected injury? Usually, we can rely on health insurance to cover most of these expenses, although sometimes not and you may be facing some outstanding balances that are way out of your budget. We are here to give you a hand in covering these costs, should you be in this situation.

Other Expenses

There are many other expenses that may arise which poses for money, and fast. Speak to our loans specialists about what your options may be and get back on your feet before you know it.


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