Secured Personal Loans

You’ve worked hard for your home, now let it work for you!

Take advantage of the equity in your home to maximize the amount you can borrow.

Secured personal loans can be used to finance a large purchase, to get our of a financial shortfall that you may feel stuck in, or even consolidate all your debt into one manageable monthly payment. A secured personal loan could be the solution to your personal financial goals.

Our secured loans are installment loans that can be used to build credit scores and get you the money you need. With each installment payment that is made on time and in full, your credit score will rise. This is the great thing about a loan from AAR. Some loan companies do not report to the credit bureaus, and in turn does not end up helping the customer with their long-term financial situation. We do.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debt into one manageable monthly payment to get you back on track.

Home Improvements

Increase in the value in your home with a home improvement loan.

Emergency Costs

You never know what could happen. For those unexpected situations, we’re here.

Leisure / Vacation

Take that trip you’ve always wanted or make time for a family reunion.


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