How Do Online Loans Work?

With AAR Mortgage, you don’t need to visit a store to apply for your loan. You can complete the application and get the money in your bank 100% online.
Our contactless loan is easy and fast.

Customized Credit Solutions.Flexible payments. Flexible terms.

Borrowing Needs

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate your debt into one manageable monthly payment to get you back on track.

Home Improvements

Increase in the value in your home with a home improvement loan.

Car Repairs

Borrow money to fix up your car or get that new set of tires you’ve been wanting.

Leisure / Vacation

Take that trip you’ve always wanted or make time for a family reunion.

Small Business

Business owner? Borrow money to purchase more capital and watch it bloom.

Emergency Costs

You never know what could happen. For those unexpected situations, we’re here.


We are AAR! We are a team of individuals, working together to help you make your way to financial freedom. We love saying yes, we love educating customers and are always here to assist you with whatever you may need. At AAR, we work together with you to provide you with the most suitable loans our company can offer, no matter your credit past. Our friendly staff and easy application process will get you a flexible payment schedule in no time.


At AAR Mortgage, we provide you with loan solutions, when other banks may turn you away. We work with you one on one to make sure the loan solution you choose is right for you.

You can call us at (204) 224 3271 to discuss your options with a loan specialist, or go online to our apply now page to fill out an application for a loan. You can also bring in your flyer to your AAR Mortgage branch and meet with a loans specialist.

We will need to verify your personal information, your employment information, as well as your mortgage information. Take a look at the document below for more information, and print it out to better help you get your loan.

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