Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected Expenses

Life can be unexpected and AAR is here for you! Get a loan when you need a little extra for auto repairs, a vacation, or unexpected healthcare bills.


  • Planning a vacation?

  • Whether you are looking on exploring the world, and looking to plan a vacation to go visit family, AAR offers you travel loans with affordable payments so that you are prepared for the vacation of your dreams. Don’t worry about a large lump sum credit card bill, affordable payments will be much easier to manage.

Car Repairs

  • No one expects car repairs, but things do happen and when they do we are here! Whether you are looking to get repairs done, or get that new set of tires and rims for your summer vehicle, contact our loan specialists today about how we can help.

Healthcare Bills

  • Medical bills can be unexpected and do not always come by choice. They can cause stress in a bad time, and you may be unprepared to cover the costs of the procedure in a timely fashion. If this happens, AAR has options for you to get a loan to cover these costs. Manageable payments can be just what you need in a hard time such as this, and we’re here for you when you need it.