AAR Mortgage is a privately held Canadian company, with our headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba

At AAR, we offer many flexible loan services and options including personal loans, debt consolidation, home equity loans, vacation loans and auto loans. The brand was born in 2003 with over 50 years of industry experience; all consolidated under one AAR roof! We are here to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and payday loans, and are here to serve those who are underbanked and unbanked by today’s financial institutions. We have tailored our products and services to cater to those needs of today’s Canadians who are in a time of need, and require money, and fast! We are backed by our growing team of loan specialists who work hard to create lasting relationships with their clients, and are accepted and appreciated in their current situation, whatever that may be.

Grow with AAR.

In Canada, 48% of workers are currently living paycheque to paycheque, and 39% of workers feel “overwhelmed” by their debt. Most people find a way to manage their obligations and just make it to their next payday, although sometimes things arise and life gets in the way and then presents an instant need for cash, and fast. This time can be extremely stressful. Although there are many people who have a regular income and bank accounts with traditional financial institutions, these institutions do not have the products, services, attitudes, or wish to help them in their current state. We love to help! We always offer friendly service with a smile, and are here to provide you with quick cash when you need it most, so you can get back on your feet. Our loan specialists work hard to get you approved and on your way with cash in your hands. We offer a helping hand and understand our clients in all situations and regardless of current credit and past credit history.  We want you to grow with AAR, and love to help people improve their credit and get back to their lives.

AAR Mortgage’s corporate of caring for clients and making meaningful relationships, our community, as well as our co-workers is dependent on our 5 core values.

These core values steer the company towards a common goal of building the AAR company, where our team provides excellent service, in an atmosphere where clients feel accepted, appreciated, and cared about in whatever situation they may be in.

Core Values

  • Strive for Greatness
  • Own the Rewards
  • Over-Communicate
  • Respect This house
  • 360 degree Accountability 
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We love our people. We are proud of our big team, whether it be our loan officers or administrative assistants, we are a team that beats with one heart. Our front line staff directly dealing with clients are the face of our company, and we put our best foot forward. These team members strive to create lasting relationships with their clients, and care about their situation and helping them towards a better financial future. Our loan specialists come from all backgrounds, and can represent a realistic depiction of the clients they directly serve creating a relationship that is that much stronger. This enables them to understand, sympathize and appreciate clients in all situations. Many of our loan officers have begun as trainees and grown into branch managers. We are always looking to expand our team at AAR. If you are interested feel free to visit our careers page and submit your resume.